Rice is the dietary staple which most people eat three meals a day. Rice is usually consumed jointly by family members. The common practice is to prepare several dishes that are placed on a tray or table that people sit around. >>Vietnam Cuisine >>Food Culture (P2) Food in Daily Life Individuals have small bowls filled […]

>>Food Culture (P1) Snack paradise to venture into Vietnam peasants used to have a lot of free time after the busy crop time past, and preparing some nosh to eat is a certain result of the circumstance. Sweet potato is a prime example for the case. It is considered the most popular nosh in the […]

If you live in one of the multicultural cities such as Toronto, Los Angeles, London or Paris, you will probably have some idea what Vietnam cuisines are like. The country boasts one of the most diverse, delicious and healthy gastronomies in the world. >>Vietnam Cuisine >>Vietnam Visual art The main ingredients used in Vietnamese food […]

Vietnamese cuisine is extremely diverse, often divided into three main categories, each pertaining to Vietnam’s three main regions (north, central and south). >>Vietnamese Funeral Customs >>Parallels & Fireworks in Tet Vietnam Cuisine It uses very little oil and many vegetables, and is mainly based on rice, soy sauce, and fish sauce. Its characteristic flavors are […]

Traditional Vietnamese art is art practiced in Vietnam or by Vietnamese artists, from ancient times (including the elaborate Dong Son drums) to post-Chinese domination art which was strongly influenced by Chinese Buddhist art, among other philosophies such as Taoism and Confucianism. The art of Champa and France also played a smaller role later on. >>Etiquette […]

>>Etiquette and Customs in Vietnam (P1) Business Etiquette and Protocol Appointments are required and should be made several weeks in advance. The best means of doing so is through a local representative who can act as a reference and also translator/interpreter. The Vietnamese are punctual and expect others to be so to. Dress conservatively. Handshakes […]

Vietnamese society has a fair amount of public etiquette. The following are some of the more common points: >>Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony >>Vietnamese Funeral Customs Etiquette in Vietnam Avoid public displays of affection with a member of the opposite sex. Do not touch someone’s head. Pass items with both hands. Do not point with your finger […]

Vietnamese engagement ceremony is an important ceremony before the wedding which involve both fiancé’s and fiancée’s families. >>Vietnamese Funeral Customs >>Vietnamese water puppetry Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony in the past In the past, engagement ceremony was considered very important even than the wedding ceremony because it was an official day to announce the wedding, the relationship […]

“The sense of the dead is that of the final”, says a Vietnamese proverb, implying that funeral ceremonies must be solemnly organized. >>Parallels & Fireworks in Tet >>Vietnamese water puppetry Vietnamese Funeral Customs Formerly, funerals went as follow the body was washed and dressed, a chopstick was laid between the teeth and then a pinch […]

When Tet is coming, everybody is so busy shoping, cleaning and decorating houses. Vietnamese people cannot miss the Tet with parallels and fireworks, so interesting… >> Vietnam travel >> Vietnamese water puppetry Composing, challenging and displaying parallels represents an elegant cultural activity of the Vietnamese people. On the occasion of Tet, parallels are written on red […]